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Biaxial Shredder Machine / Biaxial Shredding Machine

What is a Biaxial Shredder?

Biaxial shredder is also called biaxial shredding machine, double shaft shredder, two shaft shredder or twin shaft shredder. It makes cutting, tearing and extrusion as a whole. This industrial shredding machine has wide shredding applications and is applied in many industries. Some shredded material pieces can also pass to granulator for further size reduction purpose.


Applications of Biaxial Shredder

Due to the two shaft rotor structure, the biaxial shredder can shred a variety of waste materials which is including but not limited to plastics like plastic bottles, plastic films and plastic foams, metal, tire rubber, electronics, aluminum, fiber, straw, paper and cardboard, wood and large scale hollow materials like plastic barrels or large containers.


Biaxial Shredder Features and Advantages

  1. – The main shredder body is made by high quality steel to ensure stability and strong body.
  2. – Rotor cutters are high-resistant which are capable to cut off very stubborn materials.
  3. – Big feeding hopper makes sure the efficient material input. Also it is convenient for connecting conveyor if you needed.
  4. – Automatic operation function is available. Under the auto mode, the cutting rotors can automatically start, stop and reverse when the materials are overloaded. This is greatly enhance the working efficiency and intelligent protection. Also it is energy efficient.
  5. – Rotor and blades runs in low speed to ensure safe and less noise.
  6. – Thickness and number of cutters can be designed based on different material requirements.
  7. – This shredder is PLC control which makes the machine easier for problem diagnosis and maintenance.


Biaxial Shredder in PROSINO

PROSINO has a complete range of biaxial shredders. We have many standard and popular biaxial shredder models for options. You can also choose to tailor your own biaxial shredding machine based on your specific shredding requirements.


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