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Polycarbonate Sheets Shredder For Sale

What is polycarbonate sheet?

Polycarbonate sheet is that a thermoplastic comes in a durable, transparent and sanitary sheet. It has many benefits or advantages which make it effective in versatile applications such as skylights, window glazing, sign faces, riot shields, enclosures, food processing, medical equipment, aerospace and exhibits and displays etc.. For example, chemical and scratch resistance makes it popular in food and medical applications. Insulating property makes it popular in building industry and can also replace glass in glazing security lights or covering skylights.

Why and how to recycle polycarbonate sheet?

Polycarbonate sheet recycling can reduces the scrap amount in landfill and save resource to produce new polycarbonate materials. So it is easy to understand why we should encourage to recycle polycarbonate sheets.

When it comes to the question how to recycle polycarbonate sheets, the first action is to collect polycarbonate sheets and deliver them to recycling facility. In order to enhance the recycling efficiency and improve the final recycled polycarbonate quality, it is quite important to sort out different type of polycarbonate sheets or have a quality assessment. Then you can feed different shapes and forms of polycarbonate scrap into recycling machines for shredding, washing and granulating to a granulate for new polycarbonate raw material purpose. Recycled polycarbonate may show less resilience and reduced impact resistance compared to new polycarbonate, but it could be used for most of applications if some chemicals are used.

PROSINO polycarbonate sheet shredder

PROSINO brand shredders and granulators cover a wide range of materials and models. For polycarbonate sheet size reduction, our PROSINO will analyze case by case and propose the best suitable machine for your case. For example, a potential customer needs a shredder to shred polycarbonate sheets with maximum thickness of 35mm and daily output is around 1000kgs. There is no required after shredding size. We can recommend our double shaft shredder with model PS-D-2180. If there are no large quantity of the 35 mm thickness sheets and customer can make them thinner before feeding, the smaller model PS-D-2140 will be ideal because it is more cost effective.

Contact our PROSINO team if you have polycarbonate scrap size reduction needs.

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