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Foam Sheet Grinder

Foam recycling is quite common in waste recycling world and it is in an increasing trend. Collected foam has many good solutions in our daily life. For example, it can be transformed to rulers, pens and picture frames etc. Foam sheet is one kind of foam shape. The foam sheet can be used in a variety of ways, such as packing, craft making, construction etc. The most popular use for the foam sheet is packing. When we pack the commodities, we need to put some foam sheets in the carton or wrap the commodities with foam for protecting it from damage during the transportation. If we want to recycle foam sheets, the first task is to reduce its size by a size reduction machine such as foam sheet grinder.

How to recycle foam sheet by a foam sheet grinder?

The main steps of recycling foam sheets are as follows.

Step 1 : Collect foam sheets for recycling

In the very beginning of recycling foam sheet, we need to collect foam sheets which need to be recycled. Transporting the foam sheet scraps to the recycler is a good idea. The recycler can put these scrap foam sheets together for the further step. Centralized processing is more efficient.

Step 2: Shred the foam sheets into pellets by using a foam sheet grinder

As we all know that, even if we use the collected foam sheet directly for landfill, the foam sheet will take a lot of landfill space due to its greatest virtue and super light weight. Although this plastic foam accounts for less than 1% of the weight of landfill material, but its share of the volume is much higher. So we need the help of foam sheet grinder to convert foam sheets into small pieces/pellets first. Foam sheet grinder can crush the foam sheets into small pieces for recycling purpose. Typically the sheets are about 2mm thick, but you can get it in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses. 

Step 3: Use the foam sheet pellets for making new plastic products or landfill

The foam sheet pellets can be re-used for making new plastic products such as packing material, daily necessities, disposable goods, etc. Even We take the foam sheet pellets for landfill, it can save a lot of place and make the landfill more space saving.

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