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Plastic Sheet Crusher Machine

What is plastic sheet crusher?

Plastic sheet crusher is the size reduction machine that used in plastic sheet recycling business to crush the plastic sheets for recycling purpose. Plastic sheets are the products which are made of plastic materials like PET, PP, HDPE, PC, PA, etc. The plastic sheets normally are shiny, partially transparent or translucent. The weight of them are very light but they are very strong. The main feature of the plastic sheet is its good resistance to chemical attack. Because of that, the plastic sheets are widely used in storage, equipment protection, and interior decoration etc.

Why we need to recycle plastic sheet?

As we all know that, plastic sheet is very hard to break down. Some plastic sheet needs years to break down and some even could not break down and it will last forever. If we do not handle the waste plastic sheet in a right way, they will cause big harm to the environment. Recycling the plastic sheet not only helps to protect the environment, but also helps to save resources and reduce the waste. With the help of the plastic sheet crushing machine, the recycling process will become easier.

PROSINO plastic sheet crushers

PROSINO have many shredders that can crush plastic sheets, including single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder, and granulator etc. Every type of the plastic sheet crusher has several models with different sizes, motor powers, quantity of blades, rotor diameters, etc. Therefore, different models have different capacity to achieve different output requirement. So when you are thinking of purchasing a plastic sheet crusher, you need to know the capacity of the machine you expect. Because your output requirement determines how big machine you need to choose. The output of some crushers is only kilos per hour. However, some models can reach tons per hour.

So Contact PROSINO team to tailor your own plastic sheet size reduction solutions today.

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