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Plastic Cap Shredder Machine

What is plastic cap shredder?

Plastic cap shredder or granulator is the kind of size reduction machine which can crush plastic caps into much smaller pieces. Since plastic caps are used for packaging plastic bottles, it is one of a very common plastic waste in our daily life. Crushing the plastic caps into smaller size is the first step of plastic cap recycling.

How to choose the right plastic cap shredder?

To find the most suitable and cost-effective plastic cap shredding machine for your project, you need to know the answers to the questions below clearly.

– The maximum size of your plastic cap before shredding

You need to know the maximum length, maximum width, maximum height, maximum diameter ,maximum thickness of your plastic caps before you choose the plastic cap size shredding machines. The plastic cap shredder has various types and each type has different models for different sizes. If your plastic cap is very large, of course you need to go for larger models. Otherwise, you could not even feed the plastic cap into the plastic cap shredder if the machine is too small. And for some plastic cap, if the size of it is very small, but the thickness is very thick, you still cannot choose small models. As you know that, smaller model is with smaller motor power. If the plastic cap is too thick, the smaller motor power is not power enough to crush it.

– The output of the plastic cap shredder you expect

As we mentioned before, different type of plastic cap shredding machines has different models for different sizes. The larger plastic cap shredder can crush more kilos of plastic caps per hour than the smaller plastic cap shredder. The requirement of output of the machine is one of the key factors when choosing the plastic cap shredder. Of course, financial budget is also important. Larger model plastic cap shredding machine means higher initial cost on investment.

– The size of the end product you expect.

The end product’s size of different plastic cap shredders are very different. Some of the end product are a few millimeters and some of them are a few centimeters. And the shapes of the plastic cap after shredding is also very different based on different type of plastic cap shredders. You need to know what kind of end product and the specific size you expect to get.

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