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Plastic Container Shredder Machine

What is plastic container shredder?
Plastic container shredder is for cutting various plastic containers into small pieces. This machine is very necessary for plastic reycling. Plastic containers are of various mateial including PVC/PET/PP/PS. And most of these material is transparent. They are of low density and light weight. Due to these features, we widely use plastic containers in food packaing industry. Every day people dispose huge amount of plastic containers. As a result, numerous reycling plants are decicated in plastic container recycling. Because it can bring considerable economic benefit.

What types of plastic containers does plastic container shredder usually handle?
According to the the material, we divide plastic containers as follows:
1. PET container. We usually use PET containers as mineral water bottles and milk bottles. But this kind of container is not very suitable for superheated water.
2. HDPE container, mainly cosmetic containers and shampoo containers. As these containers are not easy to clean, so we do not recommend for reusing.
3. PP container. This type of container can bear microwave heating. And It is an innocuous material.
4. PS container. Such container is both heat and cold resistant. So people usually use them for packing instant noodle and fast food.
Properly reycling plastic containers not only bring economic benefit but also reduces pollution. Plastic container shredder plays a crutial role during reycling containers.

Does PROSINO have plastic container shredder?
Yes, PROSINO has proper shredders for plastic containers. Almost all PROSINO shredders can handle plastic containers. also, almost all PROSINO granulators can handle plastic containers too. To get fine plastic particles, we recommend granulators. However if you want to achieve higher productivity, you’d better use a shredder.

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If you also need a baler to bale the plastic shreds from the shredder, you can look into