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PETG Plastic Granulator

What is PETG plastic? PETG is the abbreviation of Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol. It has the same chemical composition as PET plastic but with the addition of glycol. PETG is less brittle than PET, it also has a softer and more pliable exterior surface than PET. Although lightweight, PETG material has high impact strength. It has excellent toughness, chemical resistance and easy thermoforming properties. It is naturally colorless with a high transparency, and most importantly it is fully recyclable. Thanks to these properties, PETG is versatile and can be available in a wide range of diverse indoor and outdoor applications. So PETG plastic recycling with various recycling machines like PETG plastic granulator and related plastic balers makes great sense.


The Applications of PETG 

PETG is sterile and is ideal to use in food packaging and chemical industries. It is frequently used for packing medical devices and electronics. It is also commonly used to make sign and graphic holders, POP displays, machine guards and housings, product and table top displays as well as smaller products such as thermoformed trays, sunglasses etc. The printing grade PETG is now replacing PVC and can make credit and gift cards because it’s a more environmentally friendly.


The Recycling of PETG 

PETG is 100% recyclable. The typical way of PETG recycling involves following steps:

– PETG wastes are collected and are sent to specialized recycling center.

– PETG waste are sorted with any particles and debris removed.

– The homogenized PETG scraps gets cleaned, shredded and granulated into small pieces.

– The PETG granules are then melted and cooled into pellets which serves as raw material in manufacturing again.


PROSINO PETG plastic granulator  and shredder machines

Size reduction machines are must-have equipments in the recycling process of PETG. PROSINO offers various types of shredders, granulators and grinding machines with a wide choice of different cutting knives, screen mesh sizes and output capacity to meet your specific requirement. No matter what types of PETG wastes that you need to recycle, we will help you find the optimal size reduction solution for your case.