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PET Flakes Granulator Machine

PET flakes granulator is also popular as PET flakes crusher or PET flakes grinder. It is a size reduction machine to optimize the PET bottles recycling line. Also it works with conveyors, washing equipment and drying equipment to achieve final clean PET flakes. During whole recycling process, this granulator aims to cut PET bottles into PET flakes in good material quality, high production efficiency and throughput.

How does PET flakes granulator work?

PET flakes granulator actually has two sets of cutters which are stationary cutters and rotary cutters. When electric motor spins rapidly the rotor, the rotary cutters will work together with stationary cutters by creating a scissor cutting motion. Also a metal screen is installed at the bottom of the cutting chamber to control final product size. Further the screen size is customizable per your individual requirement. So the final size of PET flakes can be controlled by these holes of specific size. Because only small enough PET flakes can fall finally.

How to enhance the efficiency of PET flakes granulator?

Higher motor and bigger model can both contribute to the high throughput. But for same model and same motor, how to enhance or keep high efficiency of the granulator? Here are some helpful tips as below:

1. Try to keep your cutters sharpened as much as possible.

2. Maintain an ideal gap between stationary cutters and rotary cutters to achieve ideal cutting result.

3. Schedule a regular and preventative maintenance plan so as to make sure machine is always in good running status.

4. Prepare a backup cutters, screen and belts etc. for immediate replacement and less downtimes.

5. Clean the screen filter in time.

6. Make sure PET bottles or flakes are not inside the cutting chamber before turning off the machine to avoid possible electric failure.

PROSINO PET flakes granulators

PROSINO brand PET flakes granulators ranges from mini granulators to large granulators. The minimum screen size can be approximately 6mm in diameter. After the granulating process, air extraction and collection system is available to collect the final PET flakes into a container or bag. So it is more efficient and can keep site clean.

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