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Palm Kernel Shell Crusher Machine

Palm kernel shell (PKS) is a by-product of the palm oil industry. Palm Kernel Shell is a renewable energy and it can be regenerated through plant photosynthesis. The source of palm kernel shell is the palm tree. The palm tree is with short growth cycle, fast recovery and fast circulation, which is long-term reliable and stable. When we extract the palm oil from the kernel, we need to separate the core from the flesh first. Then we have to cut off the shell of the core. The part which has been cut off from the core is the palm kernel shell. What is palm kernel shell crusher? Palm kernel shell crusher, as the name of it implies, is the shredder machine which can crush the palm kernel shell for size reducing. 

What are the advantages of palm kernel shell?

The palm kernel shell is stable in nature and resistant to storage. The density of the palm kernel shell is up to 1.1 and it makes this material not very easy to break and very easy for storage and transportation. The maximum moisture of it is not higher than 18%. Even the shell has been wet by water, it will dry very fast. This means the physical and chemical properties of this material will not have a great change even has been exposed to the sun and rain for 1-2 years.

Why we need palm kernel shell crusher?

As the function of the palm kernel shell crusher is to shred the palm kernel shells, this question could also be stated as why we need to crush the palm kernel shell. The main reason for the crushing process is that the shredded palm kernel shell is more conducive to combustion. 

As we all known that, the main application of palm kernel shell is as fuel. The calorific value of palm kernel shells produce during combustion is 4300-4800 kcal/kg, which is higher than that of wood chips, rice stalks, stalks and other biomass particles. The combustion ratio of it is higher than coal but the ash content of it is much lower than the coal. So it can reduce carbon emission and very friendly to the environment.

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