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Palm Fiber Shredder Machine

What is palm fiber? 

Palm trees grow throughout tropical and subtropical zones around the world. Palm fiber is a by-product from the palm trees. Also palm fiber has a high content of lignin and low content of cellulose. It is resilient, strong and durable, so it is widely popular in our daily life. Palm fiber shredder is a good size reduction machinery for palm fiber utilization.

What is the function of palm fiber shredder

A palm fiber shredder can effectively shred the palm fiber into short pieces. Then shredded palm fiber can be produced into solid building boards to replace traditional wooden board, plywood board, car floor board and particle board etc. Made of 100% fibrous husk, these boards are of high strength and environmental friendly. Besides the use in fiberboard manufacturing, shredded palm fiber also has wide application in paper and pulp production, compost, mulch material etc. So palm fiber shredding machine is a must-have equipment to cut the palm fiber if you need palm fiber for above mentioned applications.

How to choose a proper palm fiber shredder? 

The choice of the right palm fiber shredder for your needs pretty much depends on your required shredding throughput and final particle size after shredding. Shredding throughput is mainly decided by the size of the machine including hopper size, shredding chamber size, power size etc. The bigger the chamber is, the more material can be handled each time and therefore more efficient. The bigger the power is, the higher capacity and speed the machine can generate and therefore more productive.

Another factor to consider is the required size after shredding. If there is no specific size requirement, you can consider double shaft shredder as this series of machine do not have screen for controlling shredded size. But if there is specific requirement for shredded size, then you can choose from single shaft shredder or granulator which have screen mounted at the machines’ outlet. Screen mesh size is customizable, but the smaller the screen mesh, the smaller the capacity based on same machine.

Buy palm fiber shredder from PROSINO. 

PROSINO brand specializes in manufacturing and supplying all kinds of shredders and granulators based in China. All our machines are CE certified. If you are looking for a palm fiber shredder, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide the best suited palm fiber shredding machine based on your specific shredding needs.

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