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Organic Waste Recycling

Organic waste is a type of biodegradable waste which comes from either a plant or animal. The main forms of organic waste are food waste, agricultural waste, human and animal waste. Around 50% of household waste and 30% of all waste we throw away is organic. Burying organic waste in landfill not only waste limited landfill space, but also bring environment pollution because the break down process of organic waste in landfill generates methane which is a harmful greenhouse gas and also contributes to landfill leachate which can pollute waterways.


Organic waste is a resource that can be recycled. The specialized aerobic fermenter are highly efficient waste processing machines which utilize aerobic fermentation technology turning organic waste into biotechnology humic acid (abbreviated as BHA), meanwhile the volume of waste can be reduced up to 70-90%. The complete aerobic fermentation process is completed within 8-24 hours.

The final product biotechnology humic acid (BHA) has many useful functions. It can control the opening and closing of plants’ stomata, which can improve plants’ drought resistance ability. BHA also serves as a good fertilizer releasing nutrients slowly over months or years. Moreover, it can be used as soil conditioner as well as natural pesticide for soil. The above properties enable BHA to be widely used in agricultural and horticultural industries.

The benefits of using these specialized organic waste recycling machines are multifold, not only the resource is recycled and given a second useful life, landfill space is saved and environment pollution is eliminated, but also the volume of waste is greatly reduced and the daily handling and disposal of organic waste can be done in a neat manner. They are ideal choices for communities, restaurants, offices, schools, food markets, farm and other facilities where organic waste are generated on regular basis.

Start your organic waste recycling from SINOBALER compost baler, PROSINO organic waste shredder and aerobic fermenter. There are various models available with different sizes and capacities, contact us for more information.

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