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Oil Seals Shredder Machine

Oil seals can be made of a few types of rubber material, mainly nitrile rubber, fluoro rubber, and silicone rubber. Different types of rubber differ in the heat resistance, cold endurance, oil resistance, abrasive resistance, etc.. So knowing the characteristic of the oil that the seals will contact is important for choosing a correct type of seals. Just like other rubber waste, we can reclaim used oil seals to produce regenerated rubber material. Rubber seals reclamation basically includes processes of primary shredding, granulating, screening, fine grinding, and desulfurizing. An oil seals shredder comes in the first place for oil seals recycling. Its job is to crumb the entire oil seals into smaller pieces so that the granulating machine can handle. Oil seal shredding machine can be either a single shaft shredder or a double shaft shredder. In most cases shredder suppliers will recommend a double shaft shredder for oil seals.

How to choose a proper oil seals shredder? 

Whether to choose a single shaft shredder or a double shaft shredder for oil seals mainly depends on the size of the oil seals and also the requirement of output material size.

If the scrap seals are mainly small ones, a single shaft oil seals shredding machine is a better choice. Because it is more efficient due to its higher rotating speed. Also, single shaft shredder can well control the output crumb size within certain value attributed to the screen. A granulator actually is also workable for handling small size oil seals. However, if the seals are of quite big diameters and thickness, a double shaft oil seals shredding machine is more suitable. Because a double shaft shredder has much bigger toque and thus can generate bigger force to quickly crumb the seals into pieces. The disadvantage of a double shaft seals shredder is that it doesn’t have a screen. Thus cannot control the output material size but producing random sizes mainly within 5-15cm.

Any reliable manufacturer in China for oil seals shredder?

Buying an oil seals shredding machine from a reliable supplier will not only reduce the breakdown time but also reduce your headache on the aftersales service. When deciding from which supplier to buy the oil seals shredding machine, you have to look into the supplier’s experience, QC system, and also what quality parts especially what grade blades material the machine adopts. PROSINO brand oil seals shredding machines made by Sinobaler Machinery in China is quite reputably in its build quality, performance and aftersales service. You can refer to for details of PROSINO shredder.

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