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Vulcanized Rubber Shredder Machine

What is vulcanized rubber? Vulcanized rubber improves natural rubber’s properties through chemical process by hardening rubber’s elastomers in response to heat and sulfur. Compared to natural rubber, vulcanized rubber has higher tensile strength and resistance to swelling and abrasion. It can be elastic over a greater range of temperatures. So it has good applications in vehicle tyres, hoses, shoe soles, conveyor belts, and toys etc. Recycling vulcanized rubber is an ideal solution for both economy and environment. Size reduction through a vulcanized rubber shredder is quite important process during whole recycling process.

Recycling process for vulcanized rubber

Shredding rubber into particles like 5-15mm through a vulcanized rubber shredder is the first step. Devulcanization process is necessary for the recycling of vulcanized rubber. Also vulcanized rubber needs to be extruded. Finally the extruded products formed by de-vulcanized rubber needs to be revulcanized. Such revulcanized rubber has many same qualities as the original vulcanized rubber but it is not used for tyres any more. Flooring and other products are great applications for these revulcanized rubber.

Why large amount of vulcanized rubber can be shredded but normal rubber is difficult to be shredded?

Compared to vulcanized rubber, natural rubber has much lower tensile strength and resistance to swelling and abrasion. It is easy to soften during the shredding process. Therefore, it is easy to stick to the knife. But vulcanized rubber can withstand high temperature without deformation. So it can be shredded or grinded easily.

PROSINO vulcanized rubber shredder

PROSINO brand size reduction machines provide different shredding solutions for different shape and thickness vulcanized rubber products. If they are large solid blocks, single shaft shredder is preferable. If they are in sheets or pieces, double shaft shredder is more suitable. If you want an end product size close to 5mm, a granulator is the right one to go. Different size reduction machines have many models for different capacity level options. Contact PROSINO team today to find your best vulcanized rubber shredder.

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