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Hemp Shredder Machine

Complete size reduction of hemp can be the reduction in stalks, roots and bulbs. The main purpose of shredding hemp is to extract cannabidiol (CBD) oils. Of course, the extraction of CBD from hemp can be achieved through a wide variety of methods. But the first critical step is the sourcing and preparation of the hemp. The hemp shredder machines play an integral role in getting the source hemp ready for CBD oil extraction.

Hemp shredding

Hemp shredders can shred wet or dry hemp with ease. Most hemp shredders work with two rotors of sharp steel cutters which rotate slowly but they are with incredibly high torgue to break down tough materials. They can grind full hemp plants or flowers and trim to the exact needs of CBD oil extraction process. You may ask why it is a low-speed machine instead of high-speed operation machine. This is because high-speed operation is easy to create dust especially it is dry hemp. Also it needs more frequent maintenance since it is always in high-speed operation. Of course, high speed is easy to create noise during operation which is un unpleasant working environment for the machine operators. So most customers prefer hemp shredders working at low speeds so that steel cutters moves past each other in a quiet operation during processing.

PROSINO hemp shredder machines

There are a wide range of size reduction machines for hemp industry in PROSINO brand products. Hemp shredders can install in a plant or in the field in order to facilitate the production of CBD and other hemp extracts. The complete system also involves a stand, hopper, and automatic reversing structure etc.. Of course, in-feed and discharge conveyor are optional. You can choose the right size hemp shredding machine to achieve your ideal particle size and expect a fast, reliable and efficient operation. Contact PROSINO team for a professional recommendation in hemp shredding and size reduction.

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