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Agricultural Netting Shredder Machine

What is agricultural netting shredder?
Such shredder can crush waste net into smaller pieces. In daily life, we use agricultural netting as covers to protect the plants in fields. Because the fields usually are quite large, it consumes a lot of agricultural netting. Such machine can help in reducing the volume of bucky waste nets as well as making the recycling processes easier.

Why we need agricultural netting shredder?
As we all know that, we normally use plastic material to make agricultural netting. The non-biodegradable plastics are extremely harmful to the environment and earth. Hence, reycling and reusing the waste nettings will benefit the environment. In addition, it can reduce the waste of resource and energy.

Agricultural netting shredder in PROSINO
PROSINO has many types of agricultural netting shredder capable of shredding agricultural netting. The most popular and widely used type is single shaft shredder. This type of shredder has one main shredding rotor, hydraulic pusher, and control panel. It also has screen to control the size of the end products. The most common size of the screens is 40 mm, but size of screen is always customizable. This shredder series has many models, and the output of each model is very different. It varies from hundreds of kilos per hour to tons per hour. No matter you look for a small machine for internal netting disposal or a heavy duty one for specialized reycling plants, you can always find solutions in PROSINO.

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