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Cement Sacks Shredder Machine

Cement sacks have three main components which are virgin material, masterbatch and UV coating. Virgin material can be either paper or plastic. Both paper cement sacks and plastic cement sacks have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, paper cement sacks normally have lower cost but higher filling speed. However, plastic cement sacks have advantage of cleanliness and less dust. From sustainable development or environment point of view, paper cement sacks have more chances to use renewable materials as their raw material during manufacturing. But plastic cement sacks also can be made from recycled polymers. Whatever paper or plastic cement sacks recycling, a cement sacks shredder always play an important role in size reduction to make new renewable material.

Cement sacks shredder machines in cement sacks recycling

Asian market has the majority of used cement sacks for recycling. For example, the recycled polymers can be delivered to blow-molding industry. Now China and India have imposed trade restrictions on import of hazardous goods such cement sacks. So the integrated air cleaning with recycling for cement sacks are available to reduce time and cost. For any new solutions of these cement sacks scraps, size reduction is always necessary during whole recycling process. So cement sacks shredder is a good solution when you consider the size reduction for cement sacks.

We always receive such question: which shredder is better for shredding cement sacks, single shaft shredder or double shaft shredder? Actually both shredders are fine to shred cement sacks into small chips. But the question is how to meet your own shredding result and capacity requirement. So finding a proper way to reduce the size of these concrete bags is what we need to consider.

Generally speaking, double shaft shredder is preferable for shredding cement sacks in the market. Because it is in low speed but has high torque technologies to shred cement sacks into shreds or chips. Also it enables automatic reverse for overload protection and minimize blades damages.

So contact PROSINO team to tailor your own cement sacks size reduction solutions.

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