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Bin Tipper

What is a bin tipper? 

A bin tipper, also called as cart dumper, trash can dumper, garbage can dumper, bin lifter is a piece of equipment which lifts, inverts and empties bins. Operator puts a full bin onto the tipping cradle, then presses button to begin the tipping motion. With the lifting and tipping process, the contents inside the bins are emptied by gravity. The empty bin automatically comes down and finally returns to the home position. So operator can wheel it back to its place.

What are the advantages of bin tipper? 

The manual lifting of heavy loads is a leading cause of workplace injury. Bin tippers allow staff to ergonomically unload bins without physical strain or risk of injury. So it prevents the risk of musculoskeletal injury involved in lifting and emptying tasks. These durable bin lifters make handling drums, storage bins, and other high-capacity containers easy.

Bin tippers not only just protect staff, but also protect containers. By lifting and dumping in a highly controlled and stable manner, you’ll get more life out of bins, drums, and trash cans. Help you saving more in the long run. 

Moreover, using bin tippers also increases the efficiency of your operation.

Incorporate bin tipper into your waste management line

It is a good idea to incorporate a bin tipper into your baling or shredding line. Bin tippers can directly empty various sized bins into hopper. It can also tip bins onto a takeaway conveyor which further feed the baler or shredder, depending on your specific needs. SINOBALER / PROSINO is a specialized baler / shredder supplier in China, and now bin tipper has been included in our supply range as an option for your efficient handling and feeding using waste bins. Contact us now to get an optimal solution for your specific needs. 

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