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Trash Bin Shredder

Why Today one needs a Trash Bin Shredder?

Trash bin shredder can be office paper shredder which looks like a trash bin. Industrial trash bin shredder can be an industrial heavy duty shredder which is used to shred plastic trash bins.

Trash Bin Shredder in Office

With our ever-increasing need for data security and safely discarding this data at home and at work, the elimination of our personal and professional information requires the need of a trash bin shredder.

Business plans, account statements, invoices – day to day’s important information is passed through our hands. But these often end up in the paper basket, even other data medias such as CD’s and credit cards are often simply thrown into the garbage. From our Garbage, it becomes convenient for data thieves to steal information about our personal and professional life. It’s easy to get rid of potential data spills right from the start – destroy your document and data before you discard them.

With trash bin shredder one can easily dispose of:

  • – At Home: Bank Statements, credit cards documents with personal Signatures, documents with custom numbers, tax declaration, medical data and correspondence with attorneys or other offices.
  • – At Workplace: Budget reports, annual reports and statistics, confidential customer data, conception and strategic considerations, personal documents, applications, invoices, receipts and contracts or draft contracts.

How to choose a right paper trash bin shredder in your office or home? Choosing the right trash bin shredder requires 3 crucial factors:

  1. Type of paper shredder

There are two types of paper shredders: those that perform a strip cut and devices that perform a cross cut. In strip cutting, the paper sides are cut into small strips. These can be put together in principle and with a lot of effort again, which however with non-explosive papers probably no one will make. For the domestic use, such a device is sufficient.  The cross-section cuts horizontally and vertically, leaving small rectangles. To reassemble this is almost impossible for a layman. A device with the cross section is thus safer, but louder and slower because a device with a strip cut can cut more pages at the same time. In addition, the device with cross-cut is usually more expensive as compared to strip cutter. There are also the Particle-cut shredders, they provide the highest level of safety. They shred paper into confetti-sized particles. They are 6 times faster than standard commercial paper shredders.

2. Application area

For use at home, a small Shredder with a small basket or the one which will fit on the top of your trash can serve the purpose.

But for offices, where one requires professional destruction after use, one requires shredder for multiple users, larger paper baskets, and more powerful engine.

3. Safety level

If the required security level is high, one can choose to shred into smaller shreds, hence protecting information further.

Such small trash bin shredders are the need of the hour today. With increasing privacy breaches, it is essential to destroy what you throw away. As they come in various shapes and sizes, it becomes highly convenient to own one. As they are available at low prices, they are not only affordable but also with its high usability it is a must for every home and office.

Industrial Plastic Trash Bin Shredder

Industrial trash bin shredder is much bigger in size and it is designed to shred plastic trash bins waste. Both single shaft shredder and double shaft shredder can be available for trash bin shredding purpose. You just need to tell professional shredder manufacturer your plastic trash bin size, required output and final product size. They will tailor your needs to a specific trash bin shredding machine.


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