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Plastic Pipe / Plastic Tube

Compared to traditional iron/steel pipe and cement pipe, plastic pipe/tube owns many advantages such as energy saving, environment-friendly, less water loss, anti-corrosion, smooth inside wall, lower cost, simple construction and maintenance. Plastic pipes are widely used in building water supply and drainage, city gas supply, heat supply, electricity and cable sheath, industrial fluid transportation, agricultural irrigation, etc. These plastic pipe/tubes are made of various types of plastic material most commonly are PVC, PE, PP, and ABS. Plastic pipe/tube brings much convenience to our life and contributes in many industrial fields. In the meanwhile, a large quantity of waste plastic tubes are generated every day, which needs to be properly disposed. Recycling waste plastic pipe/tube not only benefits to economy but also benefit to environment. Some plastic pipe recycling machines like plastic pipe shredder can help to make whole recycling process easier.

Plastic pipe shredder in plastic pipe recycling

Waste plastic pipes and tubes usually are in long size, so in the recycling process for such products, size reduction is the first step which usually is done by a shredder. Plastic tubes are turned into small scraps after shredding, and those scraps are then put into re-production according to various manufacturing requirements. Usually, the high quality and clean waste plastic is directly made into new plastic raw material; While for the unclean material which cannot be directly made into raw plastic material, it will be processed by sorting, shredding, crushing, mixing with new resin raw material or adding additives, and melting, and then re-made into new plastic raw material. All these recycled raw plastic material can be made into a variety of plastic products, such as agricultural film, fertilizer packages, cement packages, plastic drum, bathroom accessories, kitchen accessories, so on and so forth.

PROSINO plastic pipe shredder is the ideal choice for shredding your waste plastic pipes. Contact us now to get an optimal solution for your project. View SINOBALER plastic balers.

PROSINO PS-C-M Series Small Sized Plastic Granulator is also popular as plastic grinder. It features with compact design and small footprint. This is a popular granulating machine mainly used in small-scaled recycling facilities. It is also adopted by some manufacturing plants as a solution of internal waste management. Those small-sized plastic granulator machines are specialized in granulating/crushing small size plastic (soft plastic & hard plastic) and rubber material, including PET bottles, HDPE sanitary containers, nylon, molding sprues, molding runners,[..]

Prosino PS-C series granulator is also referred to as crusher and grinder. It is a high-speed size reduction machine. And it is ideal for granulating materials like plastic bottles/containers, film, plastic pipes, nylon waste, rubber waste, molding plastic (sprues, runners, purgings), cardboard, paper, wood, etc. Being most widely used in plastic and rubber recycling line, these granulators can efficiently cut scrap plastic/rubber items into small and uniform pieces which can then be processed in recycling line or reused for a different purpose. This series of granulating[..]

Prosino PSC-S series Shredding & Granulating Integrated Unit is an integrated machine that combines shredding and granulating/crushing in one comprehensive unit. This equipment is advantaged with its bi-ability. The in-built single-shaft shredding device firstly does the rough shredding and the in-built granulating/crushing device right after crush the relatively big shreds into small granules. Instead of the traditional way of using a shredding machine and a separate granulating machine to the same above job, this integrated unit not only saves financially in terms of[..]

Prosino Dual-motor Single Shaft Shredder (PS-S series) is aslo popular as two-motor single rotor shredder or dual-motor one shaft shredder. It is a multi-purpose shredding machine which can be available for shredding a wide range of material including plastic, rubber, wood, paper and animal bone etc. Designed with a high-speed rotary cutter along with a hydraulic-driven movable press-plate of cutter, this industrial shredder makes the shredding job done in a super efficient and effective way. The rotary cutter is reversible and controlled by PLC system, which well protects[..]

PROSINO PS-S-B series Single Rotor Shredders are heavy duty size reduction machines suitable for processing a wide variety of materials including plastic, paper, cardboard, wood, textile, etc. Different from traditional single shaft shredder which is equipped with a horizontal hydraulic pusher, this swing arm type single rotor shredder adopts a hydraulic-driven swing pusher which automatically forces material towards the cutting rotor for achieving the most efficient size reduction performance. A replaceable screen is mounted underneath the cutting rotor for controlling[..]

Prosino Single-motor Double Shaft Shredder PS-D series is a multi-purpose Double Shaft Shredder equipped with one motor, also popular as single-motor dual-shear shredder. Attributed to the two rotary cutting shafts with resistant knives, this type of double shaft shredder is capable of shredding almost all cuttable materials including plastic, paper, rubber, metal drums, wood, so on as so forth. The two cutting rotors powerfully grab the feed material, and no matter the feed material is e.g. large piece of hard plastic or heavy tires, this shredding machine can easily[..]

Prosino dual-motor Twin Shaft Shredder PS-D series is a multi-purpose Double Shaft Shredder equipped with two motors. It is also popular as dual-motor dual shear shredder, featuring with very high shredding output due to its double motor configuration. Attributed to the two rotary cutting shafts with resistant knives, this type of shredder is capable of shredding almost all cuttable materials including plastic, paper, rubber, metal drums, wood, so on as so forth. The two cutting rotors powerfully grab the feed material. And no matter the feed material is e.g. large piece[..]

Prosino PPS Series Horizontal Pipe Shredder is especially designed for the efficient size reduction of various types of pipes & paper cores. Normally these materials are big in diameter, thick in wall and long in length which cannot be well handled by normal vertical-feeding pipe shredders. This machine consists of a shredding head and a hydraulic driven feeding trough which opens/close automatically under auto operation mode or just by simple operation on buttons under manual operation mode. After putting the pipes/cores into the loading chamber, the long stroked[..]

Prosino PS-S-VP Series single shaft pipe shredder, also known as vertical single shaft pipe shredder or simply vertical pipe shredder, is particularly designed for shredding various types of pipes and tubes, such as PE pipes, PVC pipes, PP pipes, ABS pipes, rubber tubes, long paper cores, etc.. This plastic pipe single shaft shredder is the ideal choice for shredding long, thick or large diameter pipes. Attributed to its movable hopper, the pipes are travelling along with the movement of the hydraulic ram and thus are pushed closely to the cutting rotor for thorough and[..]

PROSINO PPC Series granulator is particularly designed for granulating various types of pipes and slats, including various plastic pipes, plastic slats, wood slats, paper tubes, etc. Without pre-cutting. So it is also popular as pipe granulator. This granulator can directly crush long items into small particles. Different designs of blades are available to suit material of different thickness and different hardness. This granulator is built with low-position hopper that is very convenient for feeding material. The installation of the hopper is almost parallel with the[..]