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XPS Board Shredder Machine

XPS board shredder is short for “extruded-polystyrene board shredder”. XPS board is a kind of insulation board which people widely use as construction material for applying on roof and floor. Old XPS boards are recyclable. Through the processes of melting and reforming, recycling plants can convert waste XPS boards into polystyrene granules as raw material again. So XPS board shredding machine plays a vital role in the recycling of XPS boards. XPS boards usually are in big pieces, and thus need a shredder to crush them into small crumbs before it can go to recycling processes. XPS board shredding machine is a single shaft shredder, and its blades usually have long curved hooks that can easily catch and crush the XPS boards. There are also long and sharp stationary blades on the shredder to cooperate with the mobile blades to reach most efficient shredding.

Can an XPS board shredder handle other foam material? 

The answer is YES. XPS board shredders actually can handle many other types of Styrofoam boards and containers, including EPS boards/containers, GPS boards/containers, etc. Hence, XPS board shredding machine actually is what we refer to as Styrofoam shredder. All types of Styrofoam have the common feature of light and bulky, so the long & sharp blades of XPS board shredding machine suit all of them.

How to feed material into an XPS board shredder?

To achieve high-efficient operation, it is very necessary to connect a belt conveyor with an XPS board shredding machine. The foam is light and of low density, so a light conveyor is sufficient to meet the need but no need a heavy-duty conveyor. Alternatively, if you do not have much pursue productivity, you can manually load the foam boards into the XPS board shredding machine. Manual feeding causes potential danger because the blades can hurt the operator if he/she is not careful enough. Hence, feeding by conveyor is the ideal and safest choice if the budget is not so tight.

Where to purchase an XPS board shredder? 

XPS board shredding machine is within PROSINO’s range of product, and it is one of their matures products. You can refer to to view detailed parameters, photos and video of PROSINO XPS board shredding machine.

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