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Waste LED Products Recycling

Nowadays, LED lighting has been widely used in all kinds of lighting and gradually replaced the traditional filament lamps. Although compared with traditional light, LED lights are more environmental friendly, waste LED products recycling is still very important.

There are some reasons that why LED replaces the traditional filament lights. Firstly, LED’s life usually is longer than traditional filament lights. The average life of a filament light is 1200 hours, while it is 50000 hours for a LED light. Secondly, LED light consumes less electric power and the light is much brighter. Thirdly, LED lights do not contains mercury that CFL light contains (mercury is harmful to the environment). LED lights are also more durable than traditional lights, its lighting will not be affected by the bad weather like high humidity and low temperature. The carbon dioxide emission from LED light is only 10% of the traditional lights.

According to research that more than 95% LED lights are recyclable. Recycling companies will buy the old and waste LED products with low prices. LED does not contain any hazard materials which have been classified in ROHS standard, thus it can be recycled the same as common lights.

Crushing and separation are the mainly procedures of LED recycling. Although the LED itself is environmental friendly, but if it can be recycled correctly, it will be more environmental friendly. A recent research report from the University of California indicated that most of the LED lights contain high rate of nickel, and color LED lamps contain lots of lead. Also, the content of Arsenic exceeds the standard. They cannot be discarded directly, otherwise, it will be harmful to environment and human health as the damage might be long term. In view of the high demand of LED products in recent years, recycling of LED is far more important than extending its life span.

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