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Waste Grinder Machine

Waste grinder is a size reduction machine to grind all kinds of waste materials into pieces or small particles. Different waste material has different final size requirements per each industry’s processing purpose. Although food waste grinding machine has a good market, but here we focus on discussing the industrial waste grinding machine which covers a wide range of waste materials.

The application of waste grinder

The origin of waste can be from mining, agriculture forestry, industry like textile industry and plastics industry, household, commercial and government bodies, construction demolition, waste water treatment etc.. Most waste grinder processing materials can be either recycled or reused for further economic benefits or environmental benefits. So recycling facilities will invest a waste grinder or even whole recycling process line to recycle waste materials into new useful materials. The commonly popular waste materials are plastics, wood, paper, aluminum scrap, rubber etc..

How to choose a right waste grinder for your material?

When deciding which type of size reduction machine is the most suitable to purchase, first you need to know the primary material size and ideal size after granulating. Also for some particular material, you also need to know the thickness of the material and whether primary material contains metals or not. After these basic information is ready, the estimated capacity requirement is also important to decide the size of the grinder. Waste grinder capacity can be ranged from 50kgs to tons per hour. Of course, the purchasing cost also vary case by case. Generally speaking, waste grinder is a versatile material grinder. For similar material, you can share same grinder for the cost saving of purchase.

Waste grinders from PROSINO

PROSINO specializes in providing size reduction solutions for all kinds of waste materials. We have different size of grinders to meet different level of capacity requirements. From mini granulator to large sized granulator, you can always find your ideal grinder model here. Contact PROSINO today to know more information about our waste grinders.

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