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Two Rotor Shredders

What is a two rotor shredder? 

Shredder is a piece of heavy duty equipment to roughly reduce big sized industrial waste/scrap material into smaller sizes. Normally this shredding process is prior to granulating or other further handling process. Categorized by the different types of cutting systems adopted, there are single rotor shredder, two rotor shredder and four rotor shredder available. Two rotor shredder is also popular as dual shear shredding machine, twin shaft shredding machine, double shaft shredder etc. As its name indicates two rotor shredder has two cutting rotors.

Features of two rotor shredder 

A two rotor shredder employs two counter rotary cutting shafts that rotate into each other at low speed under high torque. There are hooks on the shear blades which grab the fed-in material, and then along with the rotation movement, the blades cut, shear, tear, slice and rip apart a variety of materials into smaller pieces. Two rotor shredder generally has no sizing screens, the output particles are typically in strips and its width is directly determined by each cutting blade’s thickness which is customizable. Two rotor shredder machines are usually used in bulky item reduction, product destruction or primary shredding where particle size variation is allowed. With PLC control system, this two rotor shredder can work in an automatic mode including automatic start, automatic stop, and automatic reverse in the condition of overload, which greatly reduces labor and meanwhile generates high efficiency.

Two rotor shredder from PROSINO 

PROSINO specializes in manufacturing shredders and granulators in China. We offer two rotor shredders with various different sizes and capabilities for shredding a variety of materials like plastic, wood, rubber, barrels, bones, paper and more. Our two rotor shredders comply with European standard with CE certificate available. If you are looking for two rotor shredder, just contact us and our PROSINO team will discuss with your shredding needs in detail and propose the optimal two rotor shredder that best fits your requirement.

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