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Tire Shredder Machine

What is a tire shredder?

Tire shredder is a size reduction machine which aims to shred old tires into a much smaller pieces. Normally it is composed of motor, rotary knife shaft, fixed and rotary knives, hard tooth surface reducer, frame, and box body etc. Since scrap tires are with high rebound force, tire shredding machine requires enough power to effectively tear all kinds of tires into small pieces. Tire shredders can be either vertical tire shredding machine or horizontal tire shredding machine. In the market, vertical type shredder is much more preferable. These tire shredding machines are ideal for shredding car tires, truck tires, bicycle tires, motorcycle tires and engineering tires etc.

Tire shredders in scrap tire recycling

After debeader removes steel wire from tires, tire shredder can come to work as the primary size reduction function to cut tires into strips. Then granulator can be the further grinding equipment to make it into powder. Since rubber crumbs are in demand, you can use the tire shredder to make money. Such kind of tire recycling keeps the scrap tires from ending up on the landfill.

Motivations to shred tires

Waste tire disposal will cost you some disposal cost. However, using a tire shredder to shred tires into pieces can not only create money but also protect environment. This is because shredded tires have many good revenue channels. For example, tire rubber crumbs can be used as playground surfaces, lightweight construction fill to road surfacing and landscape mulch.

PROSINO tire shredder machines

We specialize in various kind of size reduction machines including all kinds of tire shredders. Our PROSINO team offers a variety of shredding solutions to process waste tires from cars, trucks, aircraft, agricultural as well as mining equipment. Double shaft shredder is the most popular tire shredding machine in product line. So please send your scrap tire shredding inquiries to PROSINO team for an ideal solution now.

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