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Straw Shredder / Straw Chipper / Straw Crusher

Agricultural wastes impose great threats to the Earth’s environment. These include waste materials like straws, paddy particles; cattle feed wastes, and the horticultural waste materials. Many agricultural owners or farmers tend to decompose these waste products by burning these off or by burying them in landfill areas. However, there might be certain chemicals, which might cause several forms of pollution including the soil, water and air pollution. Hence, the agricultural wastes too need to be disintegrated or reduced by using environment-friendly technique like straw baler and straw shredder.

The use of straw shredder

A straw shredder also goes by the name straw chipper and finds its application reducing the amount of agricultural waste in an effective manner. Though the majority of the paddy straw in the agricultural field is used for various purposes like animal feed, animal bedding, and other uses, much of it results as a waste material, which needs to be treated properly to reduce the pollution levels. Many farmers incorporate the use of straw shredder as they become aware of its advantages.

The straw shredder or the straw chipper reduces the waste straw materials into smaller pieces or particles, which can be reused for some other purpose or can be easily decomposed by burying it in the landfills. They have proved greatly beneficial for the agricultural practitioners or the farmers owing to the following advantages offered:

  • – The use of a straw shredder reduces the amount of agricultural waste and thus, creates more space for farming and practicing agriculture.
  • – They tend to discard the waste decomposition methods like burning of the paddy straw which leads to greater air pollution.
  • – The shredded straw particles can be reused for some other purposes by some major industry.
  • – The shredded straw can also be recycled to be fed to the cattle or to serve as animal bedding.
  • – The use of straw shredder has benefited many farmers in monetary terms as it is highly cost-effective and thus reduces their financial problems.
  • – They are highly efficient machines which can be easily operated upon by a farmer and needs no extra workforce.
  • – The straw shredder is also highly energy efficient and thus reduces the burden of the exhaustion of the Earth’s natural resources.

The straw shredder or the straw chipper comes in variant forms to reduce the paddy straw materials into various shapes and sizes. These can be available in small, medium or large sizes to bring into effect the required chopping or disintegration. Other forms of the straw shredder or chipper available for the use by the farmer or industries are a cylindrical chipper, flywheel chipper, rice straw chipper-cum-spreader machines and much more which are used to facilitate the task of reusing and recycling the agricultural or horticultural waste materials. When such waste materials are reduced or disintegrated with the use of a straw shredder, the burden on the Earth’s natural resources gets balanced in an effective manner which tends to promote a better life for the mankind and other creatures on this planet.


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