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Shredder Feeding and Granulator Feeding

Material feeding is the essential and primary step during shredding and granulating process. There are various different methods of feeding scrap material into a shredder or granulator like by hand, fork truck, grab, conveyor or a container lift and dump system. Generally speaking, manual feeding by hand is only suitable for machines with small capacity and there isn’t much scrap material to be processed. When it comes to larger quantity of scrap, in most cases, feeding equipment are used for ease of operation, saving of labor cost as well as increased machine productivity and improved worker safety.

Shredders work best when filled with heavy, bulky materials, they are normally with top loading hopper and can be fed by any one of the different feeding methods. Whilst granulators are not suitable for directly processing heavy and bulk materials, because the high-speed cutting rotor will only make the large and bulky parts bounce around, and they are mostly with front feeding hopper which is suitable to be fed manually or by conveyor.

Compared with the rest feeding methods, conveyors are the most widely applied method of choice, because conveyors enable staging of the scrap material and offer the convenience for impurity material (such as metal) detection and separation before the scrap material are fed into shredder or granulator. In most cases of conveyor feeding, a photo sensor can be installed on hopper to control the automatic start and stop of conveyor, so that there are no concerns about over-feeding.

PROSINO is specialized in supplying various shredders and granulators, we also provide different types of conveyors which you can use to feed scrap materials into the machine or take out and transport shredded pieces. Contact us for more shredder feeding and granulator feeding methods.

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