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Rag Shredder Machine

Rags exist everywhere. Some are of cotton material, and some are of polyester material. Recycling rags and convert them into fiber is quite a beneficial activity. Cotton rags after recycling will turn to cotton fiber, while polyester rags after recycling will turn to synthetic fiber. These raw fibers become raw material again and plants can use them to produce various products such as carpet, clothes, bags, stationery, etc..We can also use the regenerated fiber as filling material to make cushions, pillows, mattress, etc. To recycle rag, the first step is to use a rag shredding machine to break the big pieces of rags into small pieces. A rag shredder plays an important role in the entire processes because without it recycling rags becomes not possible.

What is the structure of a rag shredder?

A rag shredder normally is a single shaft shredder. The machine has four main parts: machine’s shell, a cutting rotor, a hydraulic pushing plate, and a cooling system. The cutting rotor has a good number of cutting bits (blades) on it and it is responsible for destroying the waste rags into small crumbs. The hydraulic pushing plate can travel forward and backward in the chamber – when the plate moves forward, it pushes the material close to the cutting rotor to ensure efficient and effective shredding; when the plate moves forward, it makes room for loading more material. The cooling system usually adopts an air cooler (cooling radiator) that is responsible for lowering down the oil temperature of the hydraulic system of the rag shredder so as to protect the hydraulic pack. Of course, sometimes double shaft shredder is also an option to shred rags.

What is the application of a rag shredder?

A rag shredder can handle not only rags but also many other textile products like clothes, home textile products, textile offcuts, etc. Usually facilities like weaving plants, clothes plants, home textile plants, textile recycling centers, need a rag shredding machine.

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