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Post-consumer Plastic Waste Granulator Machine

What is post-consumer plastic waste? 

Plastic products exist in our everyday life, from plastic bottles and containers to plastic film and bags. After using, all these items become post-consumer plastic waste. Plastic products great convenience to our life. But improper disposal of post-consumer plastic waste brings harm to the environment because plastic is not biodegradable. It is very necessary to recycle plastic waste. And post-consumer plastic waste granulator is an essential machine during its recycling process.

The recycling steps of post-consumer plastic waste

There are specialized materials recovery facilities (MRF) who will collect and sort post-consumer plastic waste from other waste streams and further sort based on different plastic raw material type. MRF will then use baler to compress the sorted post-consumer plastic waste into bales and sell them to specialized plastic recycling companies. Plastic recycling companies will firstly use shredders for primary size reduction and then use post-consumer plastic waste granulators for further size reduction. Secondly they will clean the granulated pieces with hot washer, friction washer and floating washer depending on different waste types. Thirdly they will dry the cleaned plastic pieces with dewatering machine and dryer. At last, the cleaned and dried plastic pieces are melted and produced into granules which serve as a raw material for making new plastic products.

Post-consumer plastic waste granulator from PROSINO

As you can see that size reduction is a must have step during post-consumer plastic waste’s recycling. PROSINO specializes in providing size reduction machinery. We offer Post-consumer plastic waste granulators with a wide choice of different cutting knives, screen mesh sizes and output capacity to meet your specific requirement. So contact us now and one of our sales representative will discuss with you about your specific shredding needs and propose the optimal post-consumer plastic waste granulator that best fits your requirements.

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