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Polybag Shredder Machine

Why should we recycle polybags? 

Poly bags are widely used in our daily life. We use them to protect goods from dirt, dust, and moisture. Surely polybags bring great convenience to our life, but improper disposal of waste plastic film produces harm to the environment, which is widely known as “White Pollution”. White pollution not only affects nature’s beauty but also leads to health hazards. Landfill is not a long term solution, because the degradation cycle of current plastics is at least 200 years in general. That’s why we should recycle used polybags instead of just throwing them away. Polybag shredder and other recycling machines can make whole polybag waste recycling more efficient and cost effective.


Polybags recycling process

Most plastic film is polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) based and are suitable for recycling after cleaning. A typical polybag recycling process include following steps:

– Shredder/Granulator: for reducing the size of waste plastic film into small pieces, facilitating further washing and drying process.

– Pre-Washer: for primary cleaning of plastic film pieces after size reduction

– Sink-Float Separation Tank: for separating contaminants which are heavier than water Friction Washer: for further cleaning of material

– Horizontal Centrifugal Dryer: for dewatering the plastic film pieces after cleaning

– Drying System: hot air drying of the product

After the above treatment, the processed materials can be turned into small pellets or post-consumer resin through pelletizing process. The reclaimed pellets and/or resin can be used as raw material to make new plastic based products such as new polybags, containers, plastic lumber, pipes etc.


Polybag shredder and polybag granulator for polybags’ recycling 

As you can see that size reduction is a primary step in plastic film’s recycling process. PROSINO brand offers professional size reduction machines. Our shredding and/or granulating machines can be configured into your polybags recycling line. Contact us today and one of our sales representatives will discuss with you about your recycling requirements in detail, and recommend you the most suitable solution which best fit your needs.


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