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Plastic Slipper Granulator Machine

Slipper can be in either plastic or rubber in the market. Plastic slipper is one kind of plastic shoes. Nowadays recycled shoes are more and more encouraged. If plastic slipper is made from recycled plastic, it really helps to keep plastic out of the ocean and landfill. When it comes to plastic slipper recycling, a plastic slipper granulator is a good size reduction machine in whole process.

Plastic slipper recycling

Many new and established brands are coming out with more styles which are made from recycled materials P.E.T. plastic. We all know P.E.T. plastic is the original material to make plastic bottles. For plastic slipper, it can be made from polypropylene plastic and features with a rubber sole, both polypropylene plastic and rubber are recyclable. So it is necessary to turn throw-away plastic and rubber to new valuable products. But how to recycle these slippers with recyclable materials?

First, you need to separate recyclable and non-recyclable materials.

Second, you also need to separate recyclable materials in different categories like polypropylene plastic and rubber. Because different material will have different recycling solution or processes.

Third, you can move different recyclable material to different facilities with matched recycling line equipment. Take polypropylene plastic for example, after you collect large amount of polypropylene plastic, there will be sorting, cleaning, shredding or granulating, reprocessing by melting. Finally, small plastic pellets will be produced into new products through CNC, injection molding, thermoforming or crimping.

PROSINO plastic slipper granulator machines

PROSINO brand plastic granulators have many models for options. Different capacity, rotor and cutter designs are available to suit each customer’s individual size reduction requirements. Plastic slipper recycling can help to release plastic waste in ocean and landfill. As such, plastic slipper granulator plays important size reduction function to crush slipper into small recyclable plastic particles. So send PROSINO team your own crushing requirement and we will tailor your requirement case by case.

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