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Plastic Plate Shredder Machine

Plastic plate is good recyclable material and many curbside recycling programs accept them along with other types of plastic. Plastic plates can be from food packaging or industrial purpose. Anyhow, plastic plate recycling is the best solution for both economic benefits and environmental benefits. We want to waste less and dispose of the rest in the safety way. Plastic plate shredder machine is the important size reduction machine during the whole plastic recycling.


Plastic plate shredder machine

PROSINO has a complete line of shredders and granulators for plastic plate shredding purpose. Below are some typical plastic plate shredder and granulator machines for reference:

Single shaft shredder is a versatile plastic shredding machine. It features on efficient shredding and especially suitable for hard plastic shredding. If your plastic plate is thick industrial plastic plate, single shaft shredder is more suitable. All single-motor single shaft shredder, dual-motor single shaft shredder and swing-arm single shaft shredder are optional. The final article size can be controlled through the screen size.

Double shaft shredder is also a multi-purpose shredding machine. It features on high-torque cutting shaft and can shred both soft and hard plastics. If you have plastic plate for food packaging purpose, both single-motor double shaft shredder and dual-motor double shaft shredder are available to choose.

Mini granulator is the ideal option if you only have small amount of plastic plates waste. It also popular as plastic granulator. Because it can granulates many kind of different plastics into small pieces. Also this machine can have wheels which can help to move the machine to your desired place.

Medium and large granulator is ideal for medium and large amount of plastic plate size reduction purpose. Normally plastic plate granulator can be the second step of size reduction, while plastic plate shredder is the first step of size reduction. The final articles from granulator are much smaller than that from shredder.

Contact PROSINO for your own plastic plate size reduction solutions.


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