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Plastic Bag Shredder or Plastic Bag Granulator

Is disposal of plastic-bags a headache for you? Nowadays, the use of plastic bags is growing very rapidly. Everything you see comes with a plastic cover. Plastic bags are cheaper, waterproof, air-tight and durable; this promotes the use of plastics. But, since you know plastics are not eco-friendly, their disposal possesses a real challenge and everybody is looking for ways to dispose of them safely. One such efficient method is to use a Plastic Bag Shredder. This shredder is a robust machine which can shred all of your plastic coverings, bags, and polythene easily.

It comes with varying features to suit different needs. As the use of plastic bags is rising, the demand of this shredder is also increasing. Today, you will see this shredder being used in various factories across the globe. Wondering to know more about it, read on!

Basics of Plastic Bag Shredder or Plastic Bag Crusher

Plastic Bag Shredder is a simple robust machine with a big mouth on top and blades beneath it. It takes plastic bags, shreds them and pours out them through a separate opening. It tears every type of plastic bag into tiny pieces, making it easy to dispose of. You can shred tons of plastic bags within minimum time with this machine.


This machine is totally environment-friendly matching the standards lay down by authorities. And talking about noise, this is surely not going to disturb you as it makes very low noise during operation.

Easy use

Anybody can use this shredder easily. No complex operation is involved. You can easily demonstrate your workers on how to work with it.


Plastic Bag Shredder is capable of working for years and years to come. The blades which shred are made from special strong alloy steel, so their sharpness doesn’t fade away after continuous use. The whole body is made of metal giving it extra strength. The product is made so tough that it won’t bother you for service for years to come.

Power saving

Nowadays energy efficiency is a must for any appliance. Consuming more electricity means high power bills.  So this shredder is designed to work on low power consumption. It uses a specialized motor which consumes low electricity without compromising on torque and power.

Easy to clean and maintain

Thorough cleaning of these types of plastic shredder machines does possess a challenge, but here you don’t have to worry. Plastic Bag Shredder can easily be dissembled into individual parts, allowing its full cleaning.

Different sizes and models

Different companies and homes have varying requirements. A personal home and a company cannot use the same size shredder. The manufacturers know this and thus it comes in various sizes and with different features. Surely you will find a model according to your needs and requirements.

Today, as the rise of plastics is creating a challenge to the environment; it becomes necessary to have a plastic shredding machine like this which can make the disposal easier. You should all contribute in saving the environment by installing Plastic Bag Shredder and make sure that the plastic waste from your firm can be easily disposed of later.


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