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Pine Wood Grinding Machine

What is pine wood? 

Pine wood is a frequently used material in the construction of furniture, cabinetry, window frames, paneling, floors and roofing etc. Pine wood is more durable than other woods that are of equal cost. It is a low cost, lightweight wood, and it takes paint well. Pine develops a nice, rustic patina from age and use and it resists shrinking and swelling. All the above mentioned attributes make pine wood a popular choice in the carpentry industry. 

Why recycle and reuse waste pine wood? 

There are residue and offcuts materials left during pine wood’s processing. Besides the leftover residual and offcuts, there are also old pine wood products such as old furniture, roofing, floors etc. coming from the demolition of large buildings. Recycling these waste pine wood not only extend timber’s service life, but also eliminate the need of cutting more trees down for making new product.

Why use pine wood grinding machine? 

Pine wood grinding machine grinds pine wood waste into small and manageable pieces. Particle board manufacturing industry uses grinded pine wood as one of the raw materials. They are also popularly raw material for animal bedding, mulch and composts. In case the pine wood cannot be recycled, it can still be grinded and used as biomass material to produce energy.

Pine wood grinding machine from PROSINO

Waste pine wood can become a big treasure if properly recycled and re-used. Pine wood grinding machine plays a critical role in the initial stage of the recycling process. PROSINO shredder and grinder is your ideal choice for shredding and grinding various waste pinewood no matter in small pieces or large piece. We offer all types of shredding and grinding machines. You can have a wide choice of different cutting knives, screen mesh sizes and output capacity to meet your specific requirement. Contact us today and one of our sales representatives will discuss with you about your pine wood recycling requirements in detail. We will recommend you the most suitable solution which best fit your needs.

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