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Inhouse Shredder Machine

What is an inhouse shredder?

Shredder is a piece of equipment to reduce the size of various materials. For example, paper, cardboard, biomass, wood, tire, plastic, metal, textile etc. Also it plays an important role in many applications including transportation, storage, manufacturing, recycling, waste management, security/ privacy protection and more. An inhouse shredder is a shredder owned by the waste generation facility who uses the shredder to process their internal waste. So the inhouse shredder is for the facility’s own use but not for commercial use. It is in contrary to outsourced shredding in which the wastes are collected and shredded by specialized shredding service providers.

What are the benefits of using in-house shredder? 

When you purchase a shredder for in-house use, it is a one-time investment. But when you choose outsourced shredding service, there is an on-going service charge every time you require the shredding service. With an in-house shredder, you can shred the materials especially the ones that contain confidential data immediately without waiting, the longer time information sits around, the greater chance of information leakage. Furthermore, with outsourced shredding service, you cannot get fully control over of the protection of the confidential materials to be destroyed, what if some materials spill out from the truck on the road and what about the credibility of the person at shredding company who actually does the shredding job? The best way to be absolutely sure is to shred the materials in-house with your own staff handling the shredding work.

Where to buy in-house shredder?

PROSINO shredders are manufactured in China. We offer various types of size reduction machines with a wide choice of different cutting knives, screen mesh sizes and output capacity to meet your specific requirement. All our in-house shredders comply with European standard with a CE certificate granted. You can rest assured on the machine performance and operation safety by choosing PROSINO shredders. Our team always are ready to help you choose the best suited in-house shredder model for your needs. Contact us now to get an optimal in-house shredding solution for your project.

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