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Heavy Duty Shredder Machine

Heavy duty shredder here refers to heavy duty industrial shredder machine instead of common office paper shredder. We talk about the large amount of shredding function in different industry’s applications. Heavy duty shredders have their own benefits on the capacity and the ability to bring more efficient recycling machines or transportation systems to complete a specific product line.

Heavy duty shredder machines in the market

Heavy duty industrial shredders are an very efficient size reduction machine at destroying materials in bulk. These large and high-powered machines are outfitted with conveyor system which can make feeding large loads as efficient as possible. Also the high capacity and ultra strong cutting shafts make these heavy duty shredders ideal for custom applications. Also these shredders can work with balers to tackle some difficult tasks of getting rid of bulky materials quickly, efficiently and securely. Normally the shredded materials will go to baler’s feed opening to produce a compressed and condensed block for easy handling in storage and transportation. Sometimes, a complete waste recycling line can have two or even more heavy duty shredders to achieve different sizes of shredding results.

PROSINO heavy duty shredder machines

PROSINO brand heavy duty shredder covers a wide range of applications and can tailor the structure to suit the specific material’s best shredding purpose. Whatever single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder, large granulator or other special design shredders, you can always find a right machine here. PROSINO team has a good experience on different kind of materials and connections to other recycling machines. For example, cardboard and paper recycling line, PET bottle recycling line, RDF line and MSW system. Also we are always willing to develop new solutions in an ever-changing waste recycling environment. So share your views or size reduction requirements with our professional team today. We will recommend the best suitable shredders or granulators to you within 24 working hours.

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