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Foam Shredder Machine / Foam Granulator

What is foam shredder machine or foam granulator?

Foam can be found in egg cartons, fast food take-out containers, plates and cups etc. Because it is lightweight, insulates well and inexpensive, many packaging uses it. You can be easy to see them in our daily life. Foam is a recyclable material and foam recycling is feasible. Both foam shredder machine and foam granulator are very good size reduction machines for foam scraps. How to recycle foam scraps like EPS, XPS, Polyurethane or EPP foams? Foam shredding machine or foam granulating machine is a cost effective and efficient machine in whole foam scrap recycling.


Why we need a foam shredder or foam granulator for size reduction?

  1. All we know foam scraps occupy a lot of space. If we shred and compact EPS scrap, the volume can be reduced to only 2% to 5% of the original space. So it is a huge space saving in transportation and storage.
  2. Foam recycling can help to save natural resource. Because shredded or granulated foam can be sent to foam factory for new foam product.
  3. The shredded foam still has many solutions. For example, it can be used to mix with cement, place in beanies babies – or other toys and even bean cushion. Also shredded foam is easy to quote a good price in selling market.


Foam compactor and foam shredder, which one to choose?

Foam compactor and foam shredder are both good in size reduction of foam scraps. But they are in different functions. Foam compactor focuses on pressing the foam into logs, making it easier for transportation to foam factory where it can be melted and molded into new material. But foam shredder or foam granulator focuses on shred original foam into small pieces which can be further used as filler for toys and furniture, or building materials.


Foam shredder machine and foam granulator in market

For different foam scraps, there are many different structure foam shredders or foam granulators in the market. You should identify your own needs and send inquiry to professional foam shredding machine manufacturer for case to case recommendation.


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