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Fiberglass Mannequins Granulator Machine

In most cases, mannequins are molded in either fiberglass or plastic and normally they hold up well for the use in many years. Fiberglass mannequins are molded in fiberglass construction and also they are easy to assemble. These mannequins are realistic, flexible and durable. The designs of these mannequins are fashionable up to date. Male mannequins, female mannequins and child mannequins are quite popular in garment industry, jewelry industry, cosmetics industry and others. But what is a fiberglass mannequins granulator? Why we need it during the fiberglass mannequins recycling?

Why you need a fiberglass mannequins granulator for size reduction?

According to the Global ‘Mannequin Market’ 2019 Industry Research Report, it shows a rapid growing share in mannequin market in the aspects of revenue, demand and forecast. North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Central and South America, Middle East and Africa are all key regions for the consumption of mannequins. When these large amount of mannequins are at the end of service, recycling mannequins is an ideal solution both for economy and environment. Fiberglass mannequins granulator is a one-stop size reduction machine. Because it can crush the original fiberglass mannequins into small particles directly. That means you need to shred it by a shredder and then granulate it into smaller size. This greatly improves the efficiency and saves the investment in shredder which may be too expensive considering the recycling benefits.

PROSINO fiberglass mannequins granulators

PROSINO offers different sizes and capacity of fiberglass mannequins granulators for all levels of fiberglass size reduction. From small size granulators to large size granulators, you can always find a suitable size granulator for your fiberglass mannequins recycling purpose. So just send PROSINO team about the original size , the desired size after crushing, and your estimated capacity requirement for the machine. Our PROSINO team will tailor your case and also recommend the most suitable size reduction machine for you.

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