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Mannequins Shredder Machine in Mannequins Recycling

There are a variety of materials which can be available for producing mannequins. Fiberglass and plastic(such as polystyrene) are the primary materials nowadays. Either fiberglass mannequins or plastic mannequins has their own advantages and disadvantages. From the appearance point of view, fiberglass mannequins looks more impressive and realistic. But price of plastic mannequins is a bit less expensive than that of fiberglass mannequins. Also plastic mannequins are more durable. Mannequins are widely used as in-store displays or window decoration. For many online sellers, they also need mannequins to display their products in product phones. Also medical simulation mannequins are popular in medical education. When these mannequins are at the end of their life or become a scrap, how to dispose of them in a proper way? Recycling mannequins is an ideal solution for sustainable development. A mannequins shredder is the good option for the size reduction during mannequins recycling process.

How to recycle mannequins?

Mannequins are made from a variety of materials such as wax, composite made with plaster, wood, fiberglass and plastic. As time goes by, people always prefer to use more durable, realistic and transportation convenient materials for mannequins. This is why fiberglass and plastic mannequins become the most popular ones. So how to recycle plastic mannequins and fiberglass mannequins?

Generally speaking, the plastic materials for plastic mannequins are environmentally friendly due to the fact that they are recyclable materials. Plastic mannequins are also popular as unbreakable mannequins. So they have long service time. Even they are at the end of life cycle, you can break them up to small plastic pieces by a mannequins shredder or granulator. Then these plastic pallets can be reconstructed into new mannequins or other plastic products.

Fiberglass mannequins are more delicate. Also they are quite strong and lightweight. But still it may lead to scruff marks and even chipping. So when it is out of service, proper disposal is quite important. Be careful to burn or shred fiberglass if you do not have good reason to do so. Because the fiber from fiberglass may be harmful when inhaled and will irritate skin. So please always remember to wear gloves and mask when handling or working with fiberglass. It is best to throw the fiberglass scraps into fiberglass recycling bin. If not, you may choose to find the industrial recycler who accepts scrap fiberglass.

PROSINO mannequins shredder and granulator

Mannequins recycling can save money for you because you are not paying the expensive waste disposal cost. Also it can reduce the landfill pressure from environment point of view. Both shredder and granulator are available for crushing mannequins. Your capacity requirement and size before shredding are critical to decide which is the best size reduction machine for you. For example, if your capacity is not high but you want to shred entire mannequins directly, double shaft shredder is more suitable. If you can cut mannequins into for example 5-6 pieces, our small granulator is more cost effective. So contact PROSINO team to recommend the most suitable mannequins shredder or granulator today.

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