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Empty Fruit Bunch Shredder Machine / EFB Shredder

What is empty fruit bunch? Empty fruit bunch, also known as EFB is a waste product generated during the extraction process of palm oil from oil palm fruit. In a typical palm oil mill, almost 70% of the fresh fruit bunches end up as wastes in the form of empty fruit bunches, fibers and shells. By converting these by-products into value-added products or energy brings additional profit for the palm oil Industry. Empty fruit bunch shredder or EFB shredder is a size reduction machine which can shred palm fruit or coconut shell into palm fiber. Shredding is the important step in EFB pellet processing.

Usage of empty fruit bunch

Malaysia and Indonesia currently dominate the world market in the production of palm oil, and approximately one million metric ton of empty fruit bunch (EFB) are discharged every year mainly in these two countries.

EFB used to be thrown away as waste, but over the last decades, EFB has been commercially utilized with many applications including, soil stabilization, mulch in plantation, raw material for composite board Manufacture, raw Material for pulp and paper manufacture, planting medium for nurseries and greenhouses, not to mention the application as biomass fuel. 

Empty fruit bunches (EFB) is becoming a popular source of fuel for renewable energy (RE) power generation. The main achievement of using biomass-based power generation is the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Empty fruit bunch shredder / EFB shredder in EFB pelletizing process

Making empty fruit bunch into biomass pellets is a good solution for clean energy. The process of turning EFB into biomass fuel include shredding, drying, crushing, pelleting, cooling and packing. You can find details as below:

First, use an empty fruit bunch shredder or EFB shredder to shred EFB into fiber status.

Second, use a dryer to make EFB fiber meet the required moisture.

Third, use an empty fruit bunch crusher or EFB crusher to crush EFB into small pieces and deliver to pellet mill to make EFB pellets. For easy transportation, an EFB pellet baler is a good solution.

Fourth, use a cooler to cool the EFB pellets.

Fifth, use a packer to pack the EFB pellets.

PROSINO empty fruit bunch shredder and crusher

As you can see that size reduction is a crucial process for preparing empty fruit bunch into biomass fuel. PROSINO offers various different shredders and granulators with various sizes and capacities, including single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder and granulator. Whether you are looking for a shredder for an initial size reduction process, or a granulator to obtain fine and uniform granules, PROSINO’s range of products can absolutely help.