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Bubble Wrap Shredder Machine

Bubble wrap is a kind of plastic quickly packaging material in sheets which contain numerous small air cushions. These air cushions design aims to protect fragile or sensitive goods. The bubbles are generally available in different sizes. The size of the object being packed as well as the level of cushioning protection that is needed decide the sizes of bubbles. In most cases, bubble wrap is formed from LDPE film. With the rapid development of E-commerce, bubble wrap has an increasing demand in recent years. Thus, it creates many bubble wrap scraps which needs a proper disposal solution. How to recycle these bubble wrap scraps? Bubble wrap shredder together with other recycling machines like bubble wrap baler can help to make whole recycling cost effective and efficient.

How to recycle or reuse bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap can be recycled similar as the recycling programs for plastic bags. Before recycling the bubble wrap, you should make sure to remove labels, nylon, adhesives and other extra materials from bubble wrap. Then bubble wrap shredders or granulators can shred large size bubble wrap into much smaller pieces for further handling. The screen can be available for controlling the final size. The shredded articles flow into the plastic recycling circle and make new plastic products finally.

Of course, we can also try to reuse bubble wrap instead of disposing them for landfill. We can hold bubble wrap and reuse them in next package delivery or shipping.

PROSINO bubble wrap shredder machines

PROSINO brand shredders and granulators can be available for crushing a wide range of materials. Both shredders and granulators are ideal for the size reduction of bubble wrap. Double shaft shredder, swing-arm single shaft shredder, mini granulator and medium and large size granulator are all suitable for shredding bubble wrap into pieces. Of course, different machines will produce different final size products and have different level capacity. Contact PROSINO team for your own matched machine today.

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