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Animal Bone Crusher Machine

Bone crusher is a crushing machine to crush animal bones into smaller sizes for easy animal feeding. So it is also popular as animal bone crusher. For example, cow bone crusher is the typical animal bone crushing machine and it has a good market for animal food. Also cow bone is hard enough to challenge the performance of the crusher.

The applications of animal bone crusher

Almost all the different type animal bones can be crushed by a matched animal bone crusher. Whatever fresh, dry or frozen bones from cow bones / beef bones / cattle bones, sheep bones, pig bones, chicken bones and other animal bones, you can always find a suitable bone crusher for size reduction. The final products after crushing can be either fine bone meal or small chunks of bone. These final pieces are good food for animals such as larger dogs.

The types of animal bone crushers

The most popular animal bone crushers in the market are double shaft shredders and small size granulators or grinders. Both of them are simple to operate and easy to maintain. The key difference between them are the capacity and final product size.

If you have large amount of animal bones waiting for crushing and final product size is about 40mm, double shaft shredder is a good choice because it has higher capacity and also it can achieve such final size. If you have original cow bone size is about 400mm length and 150mm thickness, and want to crush no more than 50kgs per day, also require as much as possible final size, small size grinder will be the ideal option. Because it has much lower purchase cost and small footprint. Also it is movable for easy change of installation. For animal food purpose, most small size grinder will be produced in stainless steel which can release from getting rusty.  

If you are looking for an animal bone crushing machine to break up large bones like cow into small pieces used for animal food, please send us your request and we will recommend the ideal crushing machine for you.

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