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3D Printing Filament Grinder Machine

Plastic waste poses a significant ecological challenge to the earth. Landfill should be the last choice because more and more sustainable solutions are available to reduce the plastic waste landfill as much as possible. 3D printing filament grinder is the important size reduction machine to achieve 3D printing filament recycling in an environmental friendly way.

3D printing filament recycling

3D printing filament is the thermoplastic feedstock for fused deposition modeling 3D printers. The standard diameters for filament is a diameter of either 3mm or 1.75mm. Generally speaking, the maximum size is 4mm diameter filament. 3D printing filament recycling aims to collect filament scraps from different users and then recycle the scraps into new filament. So it includes reducing, reusing and recycling excess plastic scraps from failed prints. But how to recycle 3D printing filament? Here are some tips for easy reference:

1. Please do not mix different type of filaments. Otherwise, it may lead to undesirable results.

2. Please make sure your filament is in clean and separated status. So same channel filament can have same chemical composition which can promote the final results.

3. Find a good 3D printing filament grinder to shred the filaments into small pieces.

4. Use an extruder to extrude the material as your desired result.

Overall, the whole process represents a great way to reuse the scrap filament from failed prints to new filament.

PROSINO 3D printing filament grinder

PROSINO 3D printing filament grinders are accessible to the facilities which cares about plastic 3D printing filament. For example, if you are the small manufacturer for 3D printing filament, and only have about 100lb of scrap per month, we will recommend our small sized granulator with model PS-C-M-1520 if your size after grinding is less than 5mm.

So contact PROSINO team to recommend an appropriate model for your own shredding requirement. Also we can quote the shipping cost as well. Inquiry now!

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