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3D Print Polyjet Parts Shredder / Granulator

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing or desktop fabrication, refers to the process of making three-dimensional product from a computer-based digital file such as CAD drawing. This process is additive, where multiple layers of material are laid down one after another to create the object.

Even though 3D printing is getting known by the general public in only the recent years, this technology has actually been in use for decades by industries including architecture, automotive, Jewelry, industrial design, fashion, construction, engineering, and many others. The largest industrial application of 3D printing is prototyping. With the assistance of 3D printing, the time and cost of developing new product is greatly reduced because prototypes can be produced and changed instantly.

3D printing can use various different raw materials like plastic, metal, glass, wax, ceramics etc. among these raw materials, plastics is currently the most widely used one, with PLA and ABS plastics being the two most commonly used 3D printing materials.

In order to protect intellectual property and commercially confidential data, these 3D printed prototypes usually will be destroyed using shredders or granulators after serving its purpose. It is also environmental friendly to recycle other scrap materials generated during 3D printing process which can be reduced in size and turned into raw material again.

PROSINO offers size reduction machines in various different designs and sizes. Single shaft shredders, double shaft shredders as well as granulators are all available. If you are not sure which shredder you should choose for destroying your 3D printed prototypes or to recycle the plastic materials, please always feel free to contact us, our team would be pleased to discuss with you and propose the optimal 3D print polyjet parts shredder or granulator for you.

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