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Wooden Spools Shredder Machine

Spools are round and can carry various type of wires such as electric cables, fiber optic cables and wire products. Generally speaking, spools can be made from wood, plywood, plastic and steel. Wooden spool is one of the popular spools to organize sewing threads, twine or cord. Also it is always available for a variety of projects and decoration because you can stamp, paint or embellish them in multiple ways. Children’s art projects often use the wooden spools. You can choose different sizes of them for different purpose. When these wooden spools are out of service or become scrap, how to reuse or recycle them in a cost effective and efficient way? This is the good question we should think about.

How to reuse or recycle wooden spools?

We can work out so many solutions to reuse old wooden spools because they can be easily upcycled and repurposed with some creativity and time. For example, a book case and reading table, a clock, a corner shelf, a coffee table, and a planter etc.. Reuse old wooden spools is quite important for waste reduction and supports the productive economy. Recycling wooden spools is another way to reduce landfill. How to recycle old wooden spools for new wood products manufacturing purpose? Many recycling machines and technology will be used in whole recycling process for cost effective and efficient solution. Wooden spools shredder is the essential size reduction machine to reduce large size wooden spools into small wood particles. The final reduced wood particles can be further used for producing new wood products. As such, recycling wooden spools creates the circular economy and save natural resource.

PROSINO wooden spools shredder

PROSINO brand shredders and granulators provide several type of different size reduction machines for shredding wooden spools. The single shaft shredder is the typical ideal shredder to handle wooden spools. You can control the final size by designing different size of screen. Of course, wooden spools shredder and granulator can work together to achieve very final size result. Contact PROSINO team today to tailor your own size reduction solution.

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