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Wood Shredding Machine

There are different kind of wood waste source such as beech, chipboard, MDF, oak hardwood, pine cones, plywood etc. They are invaluable material, but they can be sustainable resource if we recycle them in the right way. Size reduction is one of the most important process during whole wood waste recycling. So a suitable wood shredding machine or chipper is quite essential.

Why you need to shred wood in small sizes?

There are different purposes of reducing wood size by a wood shredding machine. For example, small size wood is easy for energy generation or heating building for resource saving. Also shredding wood waste into small sizes such as wood chips can have more useful solutions. For example, we can list some useful wood chips solutions as below:

1. Wood chips for packaging is quite popular because it can protect and transport fragile products.

2. Wood chip is a good fire starter.

3. Wood chips is a good hamper filler.

4. It is a good mulch for the garden.

5. It is a good animal bedding material.

Different type of wood shredding machine in PROSINO product range

PROSINO has a complete line of shredders and granulators for wide range of materials. We provide the capability to efficiently shred all kinds of waste materials all over the world. Both wood shredders and wood granulators are ideal size reduction machine for wood waste. They can also be configured into an automation system or product line. Or you can use a wood shredder for initial crushing and a wood granulator for further crushing. The wood waste can be discharged by a conveyor belt and then transported to the shredder or granulator. If you have any wood size reduction plan or requirements, we can tailor your case and choose the best suitable rotor configuration shredder or granulator.

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