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Wood Box Shredder Machine

Why use wood box shredder? 

Wood boxes are usually in large volume that takes up big storage and transport space. And thus recycling it becomes very costly if the size is not reduced at the first step. In the past, people used to mix the waste wood box together with urban waste, use compactor to compress them and then send to landfill. Such way of disposing wooden box not only affects the city space, wastes the resource but also can easily damage the compactor. Along with the maturity of shredding technology, nowadays the most cost-effective and environmental way to dispose wood box waste is to shred them into small pieces first through a wood box shredder, and then send to recycling plants for regeneration.

Recycle and reuse of wood box

Wood box shredder is a must have equipment in wood box recycling. After shredding, grinding and drying process, the waste wood box become wood powder. People can utilize wood powder to make furniture, windows, and doors etc. Some power station uses wood powder as a green fuel to generate electricity. Waste wood box after shredding, drying and carbonizing process can also be made into smokeless charcoal. In paper-making industry, people uses shredded and chipped wood box to make wood pulp which can be used to make new paper. These ways of disposal do not only reduce tree felling, protect the environment, but also provide new energy for the citizens. 

Wood box shredder from PROSINO

In conclusion, waste wooden box can become a big treasure if properly recycled and re-used. Wood box shredder plays a critical role in the recycling process. PROSINO as professional size reduction machinery brand, offer various different sizes wood box shredders to suit customers’ specific shredding needs. Contact us today and one of our sales representatives will discuss with you about your wood box shredding requirements in detail. Also we will recommend you the most suitable solution which best fit your needs.