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Shredder, Grinder and Granulator Difference

Most people do not understand the difference between shredder, grinder and granulator very well and always use them interchangeably. But it is very important to know shredder, grinder and granulator difference and choose the right size reduction machine for your specific needs.

Why it is important for you to understand the difference between shredder, grinder and granulator?

There are so many size reduction machines and each one has many models for options. It is quite likely that your cost of size reduction solution will be much higher if the recommended machine is not from a professional size reduction expert. The cost difference for same application and same output sometimes is not just thousands US dollars.

How to choose shredder, grinder and granulator for your own size reduction needs?

Shredder, grinder and granulator are three popular size reduction machines. All of them have the function to reduce the size of waste materials to a smaller size.

First, you need to clear know what is your waste materials and what kind of final size your required.

Second, you should understand the structure and function of shredder, grinder and granulator.

Shredder normally is low speed and high torque. The final shredded material size are random but smaller. Most people use shredder as a primary size reduction process or shred some specific materials like tires.

Grinder and granulator has the ability to reduce the material size much smaller than shredder. They always run in high speed. Sometimes especially granulator can be used as further size reduction after shredder. The main difference between grinder and granulator is they have different design. Granulators normally have an “open rotor” design but grinders have closed rotor design. This helps granulator handle light materials much easier and efficient than grinder. Also final reduced size from granulator can be smaller than that from grinder. Of course, generally speaking grinder is much more cost effective than granulator.

Now you know which size reduction machine is your right choice. Or maybe you should choose a combination of above recycling machines. If you still have questions, please contact PROSINO size reduction expert now and we are ready for help.

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