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Scrap Grinder Machine

What is a scrap grinder? 

Scrap grinder also popular as scrap grinding machine, is a piece of equipment for grinding various scraps into small and uniform particle sizes. With the increase of environmental protection consciousness and development of recycling industry, scrap grinding machine now plays an important role in many applications such as paper, cardboard, biomass, wood, tire, plastic, textile etc.

Use of scrap grinder 

Scrap grinding machine can be a standalone equipment. Or you can connect it with either a feeding conveyor or with other shredding and baling machines to compose a production line. Also come heavy duty scrap grinders with high output are commonly used in recycling lines. They are mostly placed behind the shredders as secondary size reduction process to obtain smaller and uniform sized pieces.

Features of scrap grinder

Scrap grinding machine features a high speed rotor with rotation speed up to 650 round per minute. The blades are mounted on the rotor with screws and nuts, so you can also open the cutting chamber for easy replacement of blades. The blades are high resistance with heat treatment processing, making them very durable and lasting. Thus they are usually with screen mounted at the outlet for controlling the particle sizes after grinding. Screen mesh size is customizable based on customer’s specific requirement.

Buying scrap grinder from PROSINO

PROSINO specializes in size reduction machinery based in China. We have various models of scrap grinders for you to choose. There are mini grinders, medium sized grinders and large sized scrap grinders. According to what material you are grinding as well as how big output your demand, you can always find an optimal scrap grinder model in PROSINO’s range of product to fit your needs. If you are looking for scrap grinders, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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