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Plastic Straw Shredder Machine

All we know that plastic straws are not biodegradable. So it becomes a big environmental problem when a lot of plastic straws end up in landfills and pollute the environment. How can we recycle plastic straws and dispose of them properly? Recycling plastic straws is a good solution. And plastic straw shredder machines are the necessary size reduction machine during whole recycling process.

Why we need to dispose of plastic straws properly?

Most plastic straws are made of polypropylene. So it is harmful if we throw them away directly. For example, plastic straws can be mistaken for food and choke and even kill many marine animals due to the marine environment pollution. But luckily polypropylene is a recyclable plastic. So it is quite important to dispose of and recycle them properly.

Plastic straw recycling

There are many environmental-friendly alternative solutions. Recycling plastic straws and turning them into new products is a quite good solution. Plastic straws are small, thin and bend easily. So it is quite possible that they easily fall into the cracks and get stuck in recycling machines. Collecting plastic straws in large polypropylene container can solve this problem during the sorting process and make plastic straws easier to get recycled with other polypropylene materials. The whole recycling process is similar as normal PET bottles recycling line and it includes sorting, shredding, cleaning, and melting processes. The final plastic pellets can be available for manufacturing to new plastic products.

PROSINO plastic straw shredder machines

Our PROSINO team often receive inquiries from potential customers who request a high capacity shredding machine which can shred plastic straw. We have many shredding options for different customers and cases. Both plastic straw shredder and granulator are available for plastic straw size reduction purpose. Also we are able to organize a recycling line for completed recycling of plastic straws. So contact our PROSINO team today to let us know your own size reduction or recycling requirements for plastic straws.

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