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Plastic Stadium Seats Shredder Machine

The plastic stadium seats are specially used in the auditorium of the stadium and song and dance theater. Distinguished from the production process, we can divide the plastic stadium seats into injection molding seats and blow molding seats. Distinguished from the mode of installation, we have fixed stadium seats and mobile stadium seats. When large amount of these seats are at end of service or out of fashion for new replacement, recycling is the ideal solution for sustainable development and circular economy. Size reduction of plastic stadium seats is the quite important process during whole recycling. Then plastic stadium seats shredder can come to play its role to reduce seats size into much smaller particles.

What are the advantages of plastic stadium seats?

– Light weight/corrosion and high temperature resistance/high strength/non-toxic

The plastic stadium seats are made of Eco- friendly plastic materials such as HDPE and PE. So the weight of the seats is very light and they are no harm to the stadium spectators. Meanwhile, the production processes of the seats is also pollution free. When finishing production, the seats will be sent to the inspector center and be tested for high and low temperature resistance before delivery. So it makes sure the seats are with high strength. So the service life of the seats normally very long.

– Easy installation and maintenance

The structure of the plastic stadium seats is very simple. The basic structure of and spare parts are all standard modular. The maximum weight of each single modular is only 25kg and it can be easily installed by two workers. And the design of the joint is also very reasonable and easy to install. The plug-in joint has a self-locking function. We can press the bolt to lock and unplug to dismount.

Plastic stadium seats recycling

– Upcycling of the plastic stadium seats

We can reuse the original frames or incorporate other, existing frames.

– Recycling of the plastic stadium seats

It is obvious that not all stadium seats are suitable for reuse through redistribution or upcycling. Some old seats are broken, and those located on the first tier at the east side of the stadium are more degraded. How to recycle all these plastic parts? Or can the old seats also be used as a ‘new’ raw material to make products?

Shredding or granulating these old plastic seats is the necessary size reduction during whole recycling process. That means the plastic chairs have to be de-mounted, cleaned and ground to form a roughly homogeneous granulate. If the raw material of the seats proved as effective as virgin polypropylene and the specific properties (i.e. tensile strength, elasticity and density) demonstrate good material performance, slightly inferior to virgin new material yet certainly sufficient for processing in objects of different sizes and applications. So it is available as new raw material to make new products.

PROSINO plastic stadium seats shredder

Looking for a plastic stadium seats shredder that can handle shredding broken down plastic stadium seats, PROSINO shredder and granulator is your good choice. If you just need to reduce the size of the plastic stadium seats for space saving and do not have very specific requirement about the end product size, you can go for the double shaft plastic stadium seats shredder. It can shred the seats into random small pieces. On the contrary, if you expect the specific size like 10 mm, you can go for the granulator.

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